Our community events are designed to keep members and faculty connected, engaged, and growing together.

Our members have access to the FREE events including Book Clubs, Masterminds, C-Talks, workshops and other paid events!

Maybe you're looking for something new or can't decide what to read next.

Enjoy getting to know others in the Consurgo Community by participating in a Book Club!

There is nothing more powerful than the transformation fueled by others believing in and supporting your journey while you do the same for them.

With Consurgo, you can search through mastermind groups and find the one that suits your needs.

You will find all sorts of workshops at Consurgo to deepen your study.

Enjoy learning while you meet like-minded people that share your interests.

Do you want to hear from people who are truly insightful and inspiring?

No need to buy plane tickets or reserve hotel rooms. You can attend talks with your laptop, tablet, or phone. It's like having your own personal TED Talks on demand.

Want to know more about what our faculty members have to say?

Listen in on exclusive interviews with fascinating people!

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